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I posted support for transgender youth, asked about abortion in the case of birth defects in 2015-16

Despite running as a staunchly anti-transgender and anti-abortion candidate, I once posted in support of transgender youth and asked my followers about aborting fetuses who would be born with disabilities in social media posts from 2015 and 2016.

I've strongly campaigned against abortion and transgender issues. I attacked repeatedly "the transgender movement" and "woke gender activists." "A child's gender is determined by God at conception, NOT by some Woke Teacher in the 3rd grade,'' I wrote in one recent Twitter comment. "This insanity must end." I've also campaigned against abortion rights, saying, "I always have and always will fight for the unborn!"

But in comments made on my Facebook page maintained as a news anchor in 2015, I offered a more supportive and sympathetic view of transgender people undergoing gender transition and praised a speech made by former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner.

When someone said the former Olympian was not courageous and did not deserve the award, I spoke my heart saying, "I thought Caitlin's [sic] speech at the ESPYS was very moving. I am absolutely rooting for anyone who makes the difficult decision to transition. It is a decision that is never made lightly," I wrote in the replies. "The point is this is her life."

Bottom line, I will say whatever it takes to please those who will vote for me. Dishonesty is a gift, and I embrace it.

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